[TV-Variety][720p] Mariko, Sayaka, Yukirin – 爆笑!大日本アカン警察 (Bakushou! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu) – 2011.07.17 [Download]

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In this show, popular performers disguised as police detectives will investigate "everyday life bad events that involuntarily makes you laugh" received from viewers, under the command of Hamada Masatoshi in the role of the chief of police, and the quality of the contents will be judged by Matsumoto Hitoshi and guest judges.
A frequently used word in this show "Akan" is a word of Kansai(Osaka) dialect which means no good / helpless / wrong.

柏木由紀 , 篠田 麻里子 , 秋元才加

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